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WALLproject update

Progress is being made working towards the launch of WALLproject an art installation at the Cutty Sark, following the initial shout out to local artists through the Falmouth Packet and across social media, artists are showing interest in getting involved with this commercial art project. Local Artist Al Cazu www.alcazu.com has started the ball rolling by providing 2 pieces which are now displayed, and other artists are showing interest but to bring the project into existence more artists are required. Al commented “Yes! I think this is a great idea on behalf of the Cutty. For some time now I have been thinking of ways of how I could get my artwork out to people who can’t afford high gallery prices. As for the sale of my artwork in the Cutty Sark, the establishment keeps 15% of the buying price, which in this case goes to Cancer Relief, and an additional 15% of my own profit is destined for cancer support and research. This pleases me very much because I myself have recently fought a battle with the cancer demon.”

The View

As previously mentioned, the brief is very straightforward, the view of the estuary will be broken down into sections the artists will then be allocated a section for them to interpret using the media of choice to create a dynamic and ever-changing installation. The space is commercial, so art can be purchased with a small commission which will be donated to charity. Mark the Innkeeper said “We are making good headway towards bring this project into fruition, but still are looking for other local artists to get involved. We are an Inn and have many guests staying in our rooms from all over the world, as well as customers dining and drinking, this gives us great footfall and therefore potential customers”.

More information can be found at https://cuttysarkfalmouth.co.uk/wallproject-call-out-to-local-artists/ or you can call and speak with Mark or Hanna on 01326 210861 or email at info@cuttysarkfalmouth.co.uk

Published on:
May 22, 2019

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